Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Blizzard Bag Wednesday Feb. 5

Complete "picture of vacation" assignment.
Click here for a copy of the assignment. (you were given this on Tuesday)
You may share this with me, or hand in on Thursday.
I will be available online for questions until 3:30 pm.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Blizzard bag Monday, January 6

Blizzard Bag 1
Hand write a letter (in Spanish) to your Spanish pen pal.
1.  Explain to them what a snow day is and what a “blizzard bag” day is. (the word "to make-up" a day is "recuperar" el día) This would be a good time to describe to your pen pal what the weather is like in New England if you haven’t done this in a previous letter.
2.  If you write this in the morning, tell your pen pal what you plan to do today (will do, are going to do, plan to do, have to do etc).  If you write this at night, tell your pen pal what you have done today (present perfect tense, maybe some preterite and imperfect)
3.  The letter must be handwritten and a minimum of 150-200 words.

4.  When you have written the Spanish letter, write a letter in English following the same outline, but not a direct translation. Use your best English and watch spelling!

I will be checking emails until 3:00pm if you have any questions.