Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Extra Credit for Preterite Test

Choose up to 5 verbs that you conjugated incorrectly.  Conjugate each verb completely (all 6 forms) 5 times. Then create 2 sentences using that verb in the preterite. Use the verb in 2 different forms (ie: 2 different subjects). Also, each sentence must contain one of the following expressions: la semana pasada, el fin de semana pasado, hace________ (días, semanas, etc), el ________ pasado, ayer, or anoche. If you don't have 5 verbs that you made a mistake on, see me on Thursday with your test and I will give you an extra assignment.
For each verb you conjugate 5 times and use in 2 sentences, you will receive 1 point extra credit--up to 5 points maximum. (No points over 100) This must be handwritten and done correctly. It is due by Friday 9/27 at the start of class (no exceptions). Attach the extra credit to your test.

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